The decision on whether to Rush or not is an extremely frequent question for college students of all ages. With over 6,000 members of the Greek Community at the University of Florida, it is clear that many students decided that there was definitely something to gain by joining a Greek organization. Fraternities and Sororities offer a myriad of benefits including friends and mentors that last a lifetime, opportunities to get involved in the University, as well as great networking opportunities.

One of the greatest aspects of joining a Greek organization is the companionship and mentors that come with it.  To add on, new Associate Members can benefit from older brothers of Fraternities who can offer advice and mentorship through many of the same situations that they had to face when they were younger.

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Another benefit of going Greek are the many opportunities it provides to get involved on campus and give back to the community. With so many members, the students in Greek organizations have planted roots in almost every organization on campus. Jake Dube, a Senior on Dance Marathon executive board said, “Being in a Greek organization has given me opportunities to peruse my passion and dreams on and off campus.” Not only do Fraternities and Sororities provide the individual with the means to get involved but they also enable the individual to give back to their respective community.  The Greek community has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit local and national causes through various philanthropies and given thousands of community service hours in the last few years alone.

Lastly, Greek organizations offer networking options for internships during college and jobs after graduation. Fraternities at the University of Florida date back to 1884. With that being said, the alumni network is massive. Alumni recognize the character the Greek organizations build because they too experienced it and are much more willing to hire those who come from the same Fraternity or Sorority they did.

When deciding whether to Rush or not, take all the information presented to you in this article into close consideration. As stated earlier, Greek organizations offer many benefits. They develop strong character, many great memories, and a great way to leave a lasting positive legacy at the University of Florida.