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Chapter: Tau

Active Brothers: 158

National Founding Year: 1856

UF Founding Year: 1916


President: Ryan Gleason

Theta Chi was founded in 1856, taking its roots at the University of Florida in 1916. The chapter prides itself on being one of the most diverse and tight knit brotherhoods on campus, holding itself to the highest of standards. At Theta Chi, we push our brothers to be successful in every aspect and to get the most out of their experience at the University of Florida.

Theta Chi provides its Brothers with the network and resources they need to succeed on and off campus. Theta Chi falls second to none in involvement and leadership.

In just over a decade Theta Chi Fraternity has produced:

-Four Florida Blue Key Presidents
-Four Student Body Presidents
-Two Homecoming General Chairmen
-One Gator Growl Producer
-Ten Student Government Productions Chairmen
-Fifty+ Florida Blue Key Members


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Chapter Website: http://www.ufthetachi.org/
National Website: http://www.thetachi.org
Address: 501 Fraternity Drive, Gainesville, FL, 32603

Theta Chi House

Executive Board

President: Ryan Gleason
Administrative Vice President: Sean Andros
Executive Vice President: Jesse Clark
Treasurer: Robert Shulte
Risk Manager: Taylor Watkins