Chapter: Tau Alpha of Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP)

Active Brothers:

National Founding Year: 1910

UF Founding Year: 1925

“Tau Epsilon Phi is a national men’s fraternity founded at Columbia University in New York City in 1910 on the principles of friendship, chivalry, and service. Formed by a group of 10 Jewish men who were excluded from membership in other fraternities due to their faith, they dedicated themselves to building an organization free from discrimination. TO LIVE in the light of Friendship; TO WALK in the path of Chivalry; TO SERVE for the love of Service; TO PRACTICE each day friendship—chivalry—service—thus keeping true to these—the three ideals—of the founders of our fraternity—this is the Creed of Tau Epsilon Phi.

Tau Epsilon Phi was founded at the University of Florida on February 22, 1925. We reestablished the Tau Alpha chapter during the Summer 2020 semester. We have a rich, inclusive 95 year history at UF.  We boast over 3,500 alumni brothers from all over the country, of all religions, faiths, and backgrounds. Our alumni provide an amazing network to tap into for the college student seeking careers in so many varied fields.

TEP has a long history of leadership on campus at UF. From past SG Presidents, Student Government Production (SGP) Chairs, Accent Speaker’s Bureau Chairs, Florida  Blue Key members (including one member who was the only three time President of FBK), to the Student Senate, Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) and Savant-UF Leadership organizations.”

Address: 555 Fraternity Drive, Gainesville, FL, 32603

President: Matt Ulino

For more information on becoming a member, please email us at