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Chapter: Epsilon Zeta

Active Brothers: 70

National Founding Year: 1869

UF Founding Year: 1920


President: Philip Laussermair

Sigma Nu was founded on the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth. The brothers of the Epsilon Zeta chapter have exemplified these principles since our founding in 1920. We take pride in the fact that we are more than just a social organization; we are a tight-knit brotherhood. This is a brotherhood that has left an everlasting mark on the University of Florida and beyond. Whether watching a football game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, a baseball game at McKethan stadium, sorting out finances at Criser Hall, or furthering your career in public leadership at the Bob Graham Center, the Epsilon Zeta legacy is not something that can be missed.

We strive to promote our valued close-knit brotherhood while continuing to build and develop men into becoming the leaders of tomorrow. It is our mission that by the time each member graduates, they will be prepared to make a mark on society like so many Epsilon Zetas before them. Whether you are a brother, parent or any other interested party, I invite you to explore this website and see everything that Sigma Nu has to offer which includes an emphasis on leadership training, campus involvement, community service, brotherhood retreats, social events, a rich alumni tradition among many other benefits.


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Chapter Website: http://ufsigmanu.com/
National Website: http://www.sigmanu.org/‎
Address: 21 W Fraternity Drive, Gainesville, FL, 32612
Instagram: ufsigmanu
Facebook: UFSigmaNu

Sigma Nu

Executive Board

President: Philip Laussermair
Vice President: Paulo Bazan
Treasurer: Jackson Glover
House Manager: Vitan Georgievski
Recorder: Samuel McLane
Pledge Marshal: Michael Bogart
LEAD Chairman: Alex Prascak
Risk Reduction: Tucker McCleary
Recruitment: Chairman Brian Nichol
Social Chairman: Will Fletcher