Scholarship is the first pillar of the Florida Greek Community. The All-Greek GPA is above the All-University GPA, and the IFC cumulative GPA is above the All-University Male GPA.  Maintaining a high level of academic success is a tradition within the Florida Greek community. Every fraternity at the University of Florida works to help their new and current members learn and develop through higher education. Fraternities promote academic excellence through peer tutoring, group study sessions, resource information, learning incentives, and scholarship opportunities. Most chapters work to provide new members with upper-classmen study partners, who are interested in the same field. Excelling academically is the first priority for all fraternity members and the all-Greek grade point average regularly surpasses the overall UF average. The Interfraternity Council and its member chapters take great pride in our tradition of maintaining a high level of academic success and offering many resources and programs to ensure such success. IFC appoints a Director of Scholarship every year to carry out these resources and programs. We have partnered with Study Edge (an off-campus tutoring service), and Kaplan Test Preparations to provide academic assistance. Many individual chapters also offer scholarships to brothers and new members that excel in the classroom. Joining an IFC chapter will provide resources that will help you succeed academically at the University of Florida.