Chapter: Delta Tetarton

Active Brothers: 38

National Founding Year: 1873

UF Founding Year: 2013

President - Nick Borders
President – Nick Borders

Phi Sigma Kappa is a social fraternity founded nationally in 1873 on the cardinal principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship and Character. Originally founded at the University of Florida in 1953 and then again in 1992; the third Delta Tetarton chapter was recently initiated in fall 2014. Phi Sigma Kappa strives to develop successful leaders on campus by implementing programs that strengthen leadership skills, build character, and instill confidence. In doing so, the members of Phi Sigma Kappa are equipped to provide creative and innovative ideas to the Greek Community and the University of Florida.


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National Website:‎
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Executive Board

President: Nick Borders
Vice President: Collin Deiffenbach
Treasurer: Brendan Bartlett
Risk Manager: Travis Hanson