As an incoming freshman, your individual leadership and involvement experiences in high school likely played a key role in your arrival at UF. As you begin your journey as a Gator, you will find that there is a whole new world of campus organizations to gain more valuable leadership experience. Outside of our own chapters, IFC men find themselves in prominent leadership roles all across the University of Florida campus. Throughout the United States, many student leaders on campuses are members of Greek-letter organizations. The University of Florida is no exception to this precedent.

Prominent and prestigious campus organizations such as Student Government, Student Senate, Order of Omega, SGP, ACCENT, Gator Growl, Homecoming, Florida Cicerones, Doulos, Dance Marathon, Florida Blue Key and more are all made up of Greek members and more specifically, IFC men. Additionally, various Blue Key Presidents, Student Government President, Homecoming General Chairmen, ACCENT Chairmen, Order of Omega President, Doulos President, and members of Dance Marathon Overall teams have been IFC men. The experiences to grow and evolve as a dynamic leader of your peers will be made widely available to you by joining an IFC fraternity.