The more than 2,800 members of the Interfraternity Council at the University of Florida have continually contributed to the rich history and tradition of UF since 1884. A group of 26 chapters currently makes up the 4th largest fraternity system in the country.

The IFC at UF builds a balanced and responsible man by encouraging young men to become involved in the many aspects of the University of Florida. The IFC fosters an environment that allows students to excel inside and outside the classroom while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Thank you to our predecessors for passing revolutionary GPA policies for new members, creating a partnership for all members with Study Edge, rebuilt a Web Site for future generations of IFC, and created many new service and sustainability projects that benefit the city of Gainesville.

Scholarship within the IFC is of the most importance. We take pride in the fact that the IFC men’s average is above the UF all men’s average.

Members of the IFC community take on the greatest leadership roles on campus. The three most recent Student Body Presidents were members of the Interfraternity Council. Many of the members of Student Government, Student Senate, Gator Growl, Homecoming, Dance Marathon, and Florida Blue Key are IFC men. Will Muschamp, Bernie Machen, and Charlie Crist were all fraternity men during their college experience.

"The Fraternity gave me a chance to really broaden my personality. I still see and think about a lot of my brothers."

− Phil Simms

" For many of us, our fraternity was a place where we had an opportunity to know the world and ourselves a little better."

− Hedley Donovan

"Brotherhood is not just a Bible word. Out of comradeship can come and will come to the happy life for all."

− Heywood Broun