How am I protected from hazing?
Hazing is prohibited by law in the state of Florida. Hazing is not something that is consistent with the values of our community. There is education both at the chapter level and new member level of the IFC. Chapter leadership is educated both in UF polices and the law. They are also required to sign paperwork indicating that they are aware of all policies. New members go through educational sessions teaching them what hazing is, and what to do if hazing is suspected. If you suspect any hazing incidents, please contact the Sorority and Fraternity Affairs office through their website, Anything that is e-mailed to the office is taken in strict confidence, and you may remain anonymous.
How much time does being in a fraternity take up?
The first semester of being in a fraternity is a large time commitment. The time requirement is about the equivalent to a 3-credit hour class at the University of Florida. In joining a fraternity, members can choose to give as much or as little of their time as they desire; often, the more energy and time a member dedicates to his fraternity, the more that member gains from the experience. Even though this may seem like a large amount of time, during this time many programs are available that promote study skills and scholarship including study hours and tutoring sessions. Being involved in a fraternity does not preclude individuals from participating in other extracurricular activities, and many members are highly active in other organizations at the University. Make sure to ask about time commitment to each fraternity you visit.
What happens once I join a fraternity?
After joining a fraternity you will enter into an educational new member program for up to 10 weeks. Programming differs from each chapter, as each fraternity has their own events and rituals. During this time you will be educated in the Greek ideals of the chapter and community, while building a strong bond with the members of your new fraternity. Make sure to ask about the programs you will go through as a new member.
How much does it cost to join a fraternity?
Costs vary by chapter because of many factors such as having a house and meal plans. When you are visiting during recruitment, make sure to ask the chapter’s treasurer how much it will cost and where the money goes to. There are also many local and national scholarships available to help members meet their specific financial obligations. Take a look at the Guide to Florida Greeks booklet online at to see average chapter costs.
What type of living accommodations will be available to me if I join an IFC fraternity?
IFC fraternity chapters at the University of Florida have a wide variety of housing options. Some chapters have official chapter houses on and off campus in a variety of locations within the university context area. Some fraternity brothers may also choose to live together in personal off campus houses. The cost of living in official fraternity houses is usually less than or comparable to the market price of living in Gainesville. Chapter members have the option to live in these locations if they so choose. In addition, IFC fraternity houses offer economical and nutritious meal plans that range from use of a full time cook to various catering services depending on the individual chapter.
What are the benefits of membership in an IFC fraternity?
IFC fraternities provide many rich opportunities for socialization at the University, including brotherhood events, intramural sports, cultural awareness programs, and parties regulated by the IFC. In addition, IFC fraternities offer vast social networks where members can develop life-long friendships and strong support networks with other men of common interests. This social outlet can be especially important to men in their 1st and 2nd year at the University as they become acclimated to University life.
How are IFC fraternities involved in community service projects and philanthropy?
Community service and philanthropic activities are an important component of IFC fraternity life at the University. Individual fraternities are committed to improving the surrounding area and contributing to the Gainesville community through a variety of service initiatives. These activities include Greek Service Day as well as numerous fraternity and sorority philanthropies. The IFC also facilitates service endeavors between chapters and many local community service groups.