Chapter: Florida

Active Brothers: 34

National Founding Year: 1834

UF Founding Year: 1957

The University of Florida’s only non-secret fraternity, Delta Upsilon is building better men since 1834 through our four founding principles, friendship, character, culture, and justice, challenging brothers to strive for excellence. Delta Upsilon is also a non-hazing, & non-sectarian fraternity.


Famous Alumni of Delta Upsilon:
-James Garfield, Williams 1856, President of the United States
-Charles Evans Hughes, Governor of New York, United States Secretary of State, Chief Justice of the United States
-Joseph P. Kennedy, Harvard 1912, Ambassador to Great Britain, Kennedy family patriarch
-Lester B. Pearson, Toronto 1919, Prime Minister of Canada and President of the United Nations General Assembly; Nobel Prize winner for Peace
-Tommy Franks, Texas 1967, United States Army general, commander of United States Central Command
-Lou Holtz, Kent State 1958, College Football Legend
-Stephen Crane, Lafayette and Syracuse 1894, Journalist and author; Red Badge of Courage
-Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Cornell 1944, Editorialist and author
-Michael D. Eisner, Denison 1964, Chairman and CEO of Walt Disney Co.
-Linus C. Pauling, Oregon State 1922, Winner of two Nobel Prizes ; chemistry and peace
-Dr. Robert Cade, Texas, Inventor of Gatorade


Instagram: @ufdeltaupsilon
Address: 1814 W. University Ave, Gainesville, FL, 32603

Executive Board

President: Jacob Fiore
VP of Loss Prevention: Devin Downs
VP of Finance: Zach Leahy-Wilson
VP of Recruitment: Jeremy Molina
VP of Member Education: Jack Lemos
VP of Public Relations: George Abchee
VP of Administration: Alec Dopkins